Young Penalists Committee

The Young Penalists Committee looks forward to your e-mail to At this e-mail address, you may contact the seven elected representatives of the AIDP Young Penalists all at once.

Regional Points of Contact

For each geographical region, a member of the Young Penalists Committee bears special responsibility. So if your matter relates to one of these regions, you may want to contact him or her directly:

Subsaharian Africa: Eduardo SAAD-DINIZ. E-Mail:

North America: Dominik Brodowski. E-Mail: 

Latin America: Eduardo SAAD-DINIZ. E-Mail:

Asia and Pacific: Megumi OCHI. E-Mail: m-ochi [at)

Europe (including Turkey): Ersi Bozheku. E-Mail:

Middle East and Maghreb: Ersi Bozheku. E-Mail: